Commenhers excels in upcycling textile waste, including repurposing flawed or decommissioned uniforms into unique, retail-ready products or corporate gifts. Not only do we contribute to a circular economy, we also prioritise social responsibility by working with local beneficiaries like housewives, the elderly, and tailors integrating them into our production team.


Commenhers is committed raising awareness about the negative impacts of fast fashion and providing sustainable fashion choices for young people. We plan to educate, empower, and include youth environmental activists, women from low-income households and other marginalized groups to become independent and home-based entrepreneurs


Our vision includes aiming to make upcycling lifestyle a norm in urban cities worldwide.


Marketing Executive

Yuki is a final-year business student at NUS. As a marketing major, her role in Commenhers comes naturally to her whether when it comes to strategising for our brand image or setting up the company website. With a keen eye for fashion trends and a penchant for upcycling her own wardrobe, Yuki brings a unique perspective to the team and aligns seamlessly with the company's ethos. Talk about a match made in heaven.


Product Design Executive

Syak is our in-house designer who curates the design features and vibe of our upcycled collections. She monitors current trends, anticipates future trends and then gives a balanced take on the concept that we should go for our collections. With a shared passion for sewing and repurposing materials, Commenher's mission to repurpose fabric waste and involve seamstresses from underprivileged backgrounds resonated with Syak.



Yanee is currently a freshman at NUS majoring in Business Administration. With a strong family emphasis on kindness and caring for others, she's founded a social enterprise in Singapore focused on upcycling fabric waste into high-quality products. Yanee's mission is clear: advocate for sustainability and inspire a positive shift towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle in Singapore. 🌿πŸ’ͺ



Resourceful and driven, Linn is in charge of strategising our social impact, ensuring our financials add up seamlessly. Spot him at our future events, where you'll find him perpetually crunching numbers in his head. He has big aspirations for Commenhers with his vision not only to make a mark in sustainable fashion but to also spearhead a thriving business model that surrounds the goal of sustainability.

The spark for Commenhers ignited during a fateful group project back in their poly days, and rest is history. Together they are the visionary force behind our mission!


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